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Adrienne Kimberley

Adrienne is a joyous yogi from a small town in Indiana. Although she looks almost identical to her mother —a dancer and fitness instructor— Adrienne never thought she would follow her mother's footsteps.

Adrienne earned a B.A. in Economics from Miami University and worked in the Chicago insurance industry for three years after graduation. Adrienne loved working in the hustle and bustle of the financial district, but she felt more alive after a long run or yoga practice. With an undeniable magnetism toward yoga and healthy living, Adrienne left the cubicle to teach yoga and pursue an M.S. degree in Holistic Nutrition. Despite her mother passing away at a young age, Adrienne knows she is right at home in the FlyBarre room; rhythm and movement are in her blood.

Adrienne's class has a subtle yogic undertone, but it is mostly rhythmic, playful and challenging. Her closet romance with 90's R&B music often makes an appearance in the FlyBarre studio.

When she is not teaching FlyBarre, Adrienne is likely eating something gluten-free, writing for, or playing with her Chihuahua Roxy.

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