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Ruth Zukerman

*** Guest Instructor through May 2th ***

Flywheel co-founder Ruth Zukerman has been a leading fitness instructor on the East Coast for the past 25 years. She received her education at Mount Holyoke College and has taken extensive courses in anatomy and exercise physiology. A certified indoor cycling instructor, Ruth has taught indoor cycling at both full-service fitness centers and dedicated cycling studios. In 2006, Ruth co-founded the first exclusive indoor cycling studio in New York City, and is widely credited as the driving force behind the surge in indoor cycling's popularity in New York and beyond. Originally a dancer with a strong passion for music, Ruth choreographs her classes and makes the music integral to the movement. Her vision is to create the next generation of indoor cycling - the Flywheel experience - a hardcore workout that is inspirational, empowering and most importantly, fun! Ruth resides in New York City with her amazing twin daughters, Kate and Rachel. When she is not on a bike, she is taking advantage of the city, enjoying the museums, theatre, dance, concerts and of course, eating at great restaurants and drinking really good wine!

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